A downloadable game

Welcome to the game "The Void".

Inside this folder is everything you'll need to play.

As well, there is a .doc file which can be filled out and emailed back so it can be collected as helpful criticism.

Thank you for participating and please,

Enjoy the game!


Install instructions

To launch the actual game simply run the .exe or application file 'thevoid'.

The game is played entirely with the mouse. At the top of the screen in game are the various verb buttons (talk, walk, interact, etc...), 
inventory, currently selected item,save/load, quit, and a semi functioning menu. 
The currently selected verb can also be changed by scrolling the mouse wheel.

Due to variations among computers there are a multitude of potential graphical errors.

If when you launch the game it is very small in either windowed or fullscreen, or if the pixels seem blurred or poor quality, try
launching the setup application. Here you can try changing the windowed to fullscreen and the filtering. 

The best filtering setting is by far 'Max nearest-neighbour filter' for this resolution.


The Void.zip 4 MB

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